Thursday, June 30, 2011

9 Things to Know About Google+

Google officially launched the social network yesterday (28 / 6). Social networking called Google + is claimed to be better in the privacy than the competitors.

This giant search engine (Google) admitted trying to give 'mirror' that closer to the 'real life' on its users than the competitors, including Facebook and Twitter. This new social networking lets users selectively share with certain groups within the existing circle of friends.

As a result, all sharing activities not directly shared to all users at once. Here are nine things to know about new social networking that made by this giant search engine (Google) it as written huffingtonpost. 

Google+ Linimassa 
Google+ project is in the "limited trial". That is, only a small number of users who can access it at this time. However, you can register now and when it's ready, Google will notify you.

Google+ Privacy
Google has been finalizing the customization of privacy in the hope of 'delete' concerns such as on Google users Buzz.In this social networking, you just want to share with you all. Google's VP of Product Management Bradley Horowitz described it, "I can talk to you and find out who else was in the room. As in the real world."

No Google +1
According to Search Engine Land, Google +1 there is no integration at the launch.
Google+ Circle 
Simply 'drag and drop' your friend in the 'bucket' to create a single group. 

Google + Photos
Users can import images to Google +, including via mobile phones. 

Google + Spark
Sparks 'digest' interests and offer stories, videos and photos that you might like. 

Google + Stream
As news-feed on Facebook and linimassa on Twitter, Google+ has a Stream that makes you easily update your status, photos, video, or links, or to interact with content from various Circles or Sparks. 

Google + Hangouts
While Facebook does not have a video chat, Google wants to show off in this case through Hangouts. Video chat can be done with one or many people at once. 

Google+ Huddle
Huddle allows users to start a group chat via text messages quickly and easily.  


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