Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Navigate Twitter With Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is another keyboard shortcuts for your favorite social media. No more mouse needed, again XD
Happy twitter-ing, Have fun

Note: To use these shortcuts, users of screen readers may need to toggle off the virtual navigation.

n New Tweet
f Favorite
r Reply
t Retweet
m Direct message
u Mute User
b Block User
Enter Open Tweet details
l Close all open Tweets
o Expand photo
/ Search
Ctrl Enter Send Tweet

Sunday, April 19, 2015

How to Navigate Facebook With Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Navigate Facebook With Keyboard Shortcuts
no more mouse needed XD , enjoy facebook-ing, have fun...

Find the right combination of keys for your browser in the list below, and replace # with the access key number listed under Access Keys below.

Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
Chrome for PC: Alt + #

Access Keys

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Star Wars: Battlefront III" More Exciting Adventures than the movie

Game consoles "Star Wars: Battlefront III" which will be launched on 17 November 2015 has several new features.

"You can play as the first or third person and also as darthvader," said Craig McLeod as the creators of EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) at the launch teaser "Star Wars: Battlefront III" in Anaheim, California, USA, on Saturday (18 / 4/2015).

The teaser shows a graphic that resembles the original film. The rebels and the army looks fighting on Endor with a flying motorcycle and walkers. Also glimpsed the Millennium Falcon aircraft.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Google: 18,000 Different Devices Created from Android

Currently, there are about 18,000 kinds of Android devices that vary in circulation worldwide. The number of variants of the Android devices Google's operating system makes it become the most popular.

The amount is revealed from an internal memo issued to employees of Google. The memo was issued a Google-related demands that the European Union considers Google violated  Antitrust Law and too dominant.

In addition to revealing the number of variants of Android devices, Google also recognizes that the sale price of Android devices around the world is getting down.

Your Android phone get lost? Find it on Google

If your Android smartphone disappear, Google already has a new way to help find it. Now, users can use services of the giant Internet search engine to search for the missing device.

How to take advantage of this new feature is very easy. Users simply open a Google search sites through Google.com, then type the word "Find My Phone" in the search box.

In the latest version of the browser, almost all developers are already set the URL box or the link can also be used to perform searching.